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Eyebrow Tattoo Gold Coast and Brisbane

How it Fades and how it will last?

Here's an example of two clients in which we used the same color, same needles and same technique.


Client #1 is 37 years old, has thin delicate skin, medium bleeding during procedure, cool undertone, with oily skin. Color used was a medium neutral color. Her retention after 18 months was about 70% faded.


Client #2 is 62 years old, has smooth plump skin texture, no bleeding during procedure, cool undertone, mature skin. Color used was a medium neutral color. Her retention after 2 1/2 years was only 30% faded.


The main factor that affects the retention (with all other variables being equal) is the SKIN TYPE. This is an example of how results can vary from each individual with each cosmetic tattoo procedure. Also understanding that each individual can be different in how they look after their skin and also expose their skin to the elements, i.e. sun exposure etc.


The bottom line is: MIcroblading is an advanced technique and skill that is required with many years of experience and practice. No two cases are alike but if you look after your eyebrow tattoo as an investment you should get the best results for the most amount of time for your skin type. Make sure you choose your technician wisely, as at Elegance Beauty Cosmetic Tattoo & Brow Specialist we not only have the highest of standards delivered to our clients through the best training, but also use the best materials, pigments, needles and latest in digital technology machinery in the world. With 10 years specialising in eyebrows we completely understand how to determine the best shape that will be the most aesthetically pleasing for you face shape and enhance your features. 


So what are you waiting for? Book a complementary consultation today with our Artist Jessica- Kate. 

Let Elegance Beauty Bring out the Better you.... 

Eyebrow Tattoo Gold Coast
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