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Cosmetic Tattoo


Consultation- (redeemable on procedure)             $90


Featherstroke 3D Eyebrows                                    $600

Shading/ Powder Brows                                          $600


Eyeliner Top or Bottom Only                                  $500

Eyeliner Top & Bottom                                            $750

*Add thicker line                                                      $50



Lip Line                                                                     $500


Lip Blend/ Lip Tint                                                   $600


Full Lips                                                                     $700


*All treatments are inclusive of one follow up treatment.




Elegance Beauty Delivers Eyebrow and Eyeliner Tattoos in Coomera

The questions are endless - with the process of eyebrow tattoos in Coomera both fascinating and frustrating you. You seek definition, wishing to transform your brows and simplify your beauty routine. You’re uncertain, however, about the value of pigments. How long will they last? Will they prove natural? Will they complement your facial shape? These doubts linger, leaving you unwilling to schedule an appointment and you resign yourself to ineffective plucking.

Elegance Beauty understands the concerns our clients have, with the eyebrow and eyeliner tattoo process in Coomera creating questions, we seek to provide answers. As the premier cosmetic service in Queensland, we help every client receive the striking results they crave and the knowledge they need - with our experienced team delivering excellent pre-care aid. We foster confidence, ensuring that individuals are entirely familiar with all steps and requirements; and, through this, we fuse each appointment with much-needed personalisation.

Let us do the same for you. Considering tattooed eyebrows in Coomera? Contact our team today. We’ll happily schedule a custom consultation, providing you with the pre-care strategies you need to enhance your browse:

Phone: 61-4333-301-517.

Address: Shop 3, 26 Michigan Drive, Oxenford QLD

The Pre-Care Process: Seeking Eyebrow Tattoos in Coomera

We strive to offer our clients the custom solutions they need. To do this, we combine all eyebrow and eyeliner tattoos in Coomera with an extensive pre-care consultation. This allows us to address all doubts and develop a clear image of all cosmetic goals.

Before tattooing eyebrows in Coomera, we ensure that client can properly maximise their success through:


  • Detailed Explanations - showcasing the entire process and answering all questions regarding pigment types, feather stroke techniques, and more.

  • Individualised Assessments - understanding each clients' particular brow shape and creating plans to enhance that shape naturally.

  • Health Assessments - seeking information on potential allergies and current medical routines (including the use of blood thinners and anticoagulants, which may undermine the pigmentation).

  • Lifestyle Assessments - addressing the effects of blood sugar levels, the presence of alcohol, and more on eyebrow tattoo services in Coomera.

Through each of these steps, we illuminate the process of eyebrow and eyeliner tattoo services in Coomera: guiding each patient through all techniques, shading options, and more. This promotes confidence with every appointment.

Tattoo Your Eyebrows in Coomera: Our Available Cosmetic Procedures

To accommodate the needs of our clients, we offer a variety of options, including 3D Feather Stroke Brows, Shading and Powdering, Eyeliner Applications (Both Top and Bottom), Colour Refreshments, and more. Each of these services promises precision, with our experienced team - led by industry authority Jessica O'Neill - utilising the latest hair simulation techniques to achieve natural results.


Each of these procedures will be thoroughly explained during the Pre-Care Consultation, allowing you to understand your cosmetic options better. To begin exploring those options contact us today via our online form. We’ll promptly answer all enquiries or schedule an appointment.

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