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Cosmetic Tattoo


Consultation- (redeemable on procedure)             $90


Featherstroke 3D Eyebrows                                    $600

Shading/ Powder Brows                                          $600


Eyeliner Top or Bottom Only                                  $500

Eyeliner Top & Bottom                                            $750

*Add thicker line                                                      $50



Lip Line                                                                     $500


Lip Blend/ Lip Tint                                                   $600


Full Lips                                                                     $700


*All treatments are inclusive of one follow up treatment.




Answering Your Questions About Feather Touch Brows in Helensvale and Coomera

It's only natural when going in for any cosmetic procedure that you would have questions. Those seeking feather touch brows in Helensvale or Coomera typically want to know as much as they can before deciding whether or not this procedure is right for them. Among the most common queries people have are about what exactly feather touch brows are, and how they differ from other types of cosmetic tattoos. This is quite simple, and it all comes down to the application. Those who decide on the feather touch brow in Coomera or Helensvale will find that this is a very precise application, with each hair being applied individually. Careful attention is given to the shape of the brow and the symmetry of the face to ensure the most natural look when the application itself is complete. However, this is only scratching the surface of what you should know when it comes to this procedure.

About Feather Touch Brows – Coomera and Helensvale Aestheticians Provide Answers

It’s not unsurprising that another very common question that people have when considering feather touch brows is whether or not they are permanent. These types of cosmetic tattoos fall under the category of "semi-permanent makeup" which means that they will last for a while, but will fade over time meaning that you will need a touch up after some time. With brows, you can expect the results to last for about 18-24 months, after which point you will need a touch-up. Various factors such as sun exposure can also impact how long the effects will last. Your brow specialist will discuss this with you in more detail when you go in for your procedure.


People also want to know how safe the procedure is, but of course, this is nothing to worry about, especially when you work with a quality location that can ensure everything is kept to the highest standards and that can provide you with the best care during your visit. When you're seeking a feather touch brow in Helensvale or Coomera, you want to be sure that you also receive plenty of information from your brow specialist on everything that needs to be done both before and after the procedure to take care of your skin for the optimal healing of the area. For example, you will want to avoid swimming afterwards, as well as avoid steam rooms or saunas for about ten days following to allow the skin to heal.</p>

Where to Turn for Feather Touch Brows in Coomera or Helensvale

Whether you've decided feather touch brows are right for you or not, you likely still have some questions that you would like answered. That's why we offer free consultations at Elegance Beauty. We have been in business for over seven years and offer the highest standard of service to all of our clients with all of our procedures, including feather touch brows. Simply give us a call on 0433 301 517, and we'll be happy to assist you with any questions that you might have.

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