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Cosmetic Tattoo


Consultation- (redeemable on procedure)             $90


Featherstroke 3D Eyebrows                                    $600

Shading/ Powder Brows                                          $600


Eyeliner Top or Bottom Only                                  $500

Eyeliner Top & Bottom                                            $750

*Add thicker line                                                      $50



Lip Line                                                                     $500


Lip Blend/ Lip Tint                                                   $600


Full Lips                                                                     $700


*All treatments are inclusive of one follow up treatment.




Enjoy The Benefits of Gold Coast Eyebrow Tattoo Services

How much time do you spend getting ready in the morning? From showering to managing your hair and applying makeup, it can take women hours to finally achieve their perfect look. But wouldn’t it be great if there were ways to cut down on the amount of time we needed to get ready every morning?

Sure, you can shower at night so you only have to touch up your hair. But makeup is something that always has to be done in the morning. Even if you opt for a natural, makeup-free look, filling in your brows so that they look natural can take quite a while. Surely, in this day and age, there has to be an easier way?

How Eyebrow Tattoos from Gold Coast Beauty Salons Can Save You Time

Eyebrow tattoos are becoming more popular, particularly for working women and women constantly on the go. No one wants to be bothered with checking their makeup every few hours or spending too much time getting ready in the morning. It can be tiring, particularly for women who don’t love doing their makeup.

One of the most time-consuming makeup processes women battle with are filling in their eyebrows so that they look natural, full, and never fake. A simple way to ensure your eyebrows always look amazing is to get tattoo eyebrows. Gold Coast women are turning to this option more and more as a way to free up their time for more important matters.


How Does the Tattoo Process Work?


Sound intriguing? Many women are often curious about these semi-permanent makeup tattoo options but never follow through with consultations because they don't understand the process. Don't worry; it's rather simple.


When we do any makeup tattooing, our priority is ensuring that you receive a natural look, rather than an overbearing or severe look. We want you to look flawless and confident, and our makeup techniques can help. The tattooing process takes between an hour and a half to two and a half hours. Topical numbing techniques are used to ensure you feel as little as possible during the procedure, as well.

The eyebrow tattooing services aren't permanent, so if you're worried you might not want the look to last forever, it won't. Once the procedure is complete, your new eyebrow makeup will last for approximately one and a half to two years. Right after your procedure, your eyebrows will look immediately darker, but other than that, the makeup application won't even be noticeable. While we don't recommend wearing makeup around the tattooed area until it's healed, you really won't need to since our tattooed makeup results appear instantly.

Whether you have thin, hard to manage, or thick, patchy brows, our tattooing procedures can help your natural beauty shine through. Not only will you save a tonne of time getting ready every morning, but you'll also never have to worry about checking your eyebrow makeup throughout the course of your day.

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