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Hair Tattoo for Hair Loss- A more permanent non invasive treatment for thinning hair for men and women in Gold Coast and Brisbane

Between self-confidence and insecurity, sometimes there is a fine hairline.

People tired of  living under a hat are instead going to our clinic to receive a treatment for baldness known as scalp micropigmentation, SMP or hair tattoos. The procedure involves having thousands of tiny dots inked onto the client's scalp with a needle to mimic a freshly shaved head.

Typical customers at Elegance Beauty at our clinic on the Gold Coast, Brisbane and surrounding areas are men in their 30s and 40s and women of all ages with thinning hair.

Many clients have different cases including scarring, hair loss, thinning hair and alopecia caused clients too loose self confidence.

When you start to lose your hair, you do start to lose your confidence and you think women don't find you attractive  or you appear older, you may feel as though you're getting old before your time.

After having the Scalp Tattoo Hair loss treatment you feel a bit more enthused about life, you want to start going out to socialise again, and you have a bit more confidence talking to women and feeling like you don't have to hide yourself away due to your thinning hairline.

A Hair loss solution by highly trained professionals on the Gold Coast- Scalp Pigmentation

After undergoing the best nationally and internationally recognised training by  master training at Elegance Beauty we only use the best world renowned inks and needles. Their may be other clinics or tattooist offering similar treatment without any sort of intensive skill or training, claiming to achieve the result  of SMP. But the result will never be the same as a highly trained technician specialising in the skill. Tattooist use completely different needles, inks and machines. We have seen many horror stories of peoples scalps done by untrained technician and tattooist leading to further embarrassment and self esteem issues, and the worst case of the tattoo being so bad that it cannot be removed or corrected. 

SMP or Scalp Pigmentation at our clinic on the Gold Coast is an investment in yourself and confidence fora long term hair loss solution. Scalp Tattooing is an affordable effective solution in comparison to other hair loss treatment including hair transplant which is not always a guaranteed outcome leaving many clients disappointed, loss of money ,scarring and loss of confidence in any solution to their thinning hair line. 


The procedure takes two or three sessions of about three hours each. Clients can choose from many shades of pigment to match their natural hair colour. Like a normal tattoo, the pigment can fade and need retouching. The tattoo is meant to be permanent but can be removed with laser treatment.

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