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Scalp TattooAftercare


It is important for you to understand exactly what is happening to your head after a scalp micropigmentation session. Basically your scalp has been pierced a couple of thousand times by a needle, usually of the triple cluster variety. Don’t let that scare you because honestly, it doesn’t hurt anywhere near as much as you’re probably thinking it will, we promise.

It does mean however that your scalp needs to heal, and that means you need to refrain from interfering with it for a few days, in fact this is where following the aftercare guidelines is most important part of the whole procedure. Each dot is a tiny scab that also contains SMP pigment. Those dots will appear larger and darker than when healed after the treatment, but don’t worry, they will get smaller and lighter.

As your scalp heals, the scabs come away and take some pigment with them. This is what people refer to as immediate fading, although in reality its not actually fading at all just yet.

There may be slight redness and swelling. It will subside within a couple of hours. You may apply an icepack to the area to reduce redness swelling or wear a hat.

Do NOT wash, rub or touch your head for a minimum of 3 days after each session


Do not rub or traumatize the pigmented area.

Do not use soaps cleansers or moisturisers in the pigmented area until the area is completely healed.

To prevent infection do not touch the pigmented area with fingers.

DO NOT PICK OR PEEL ANY CRUST that may have formed on the pigmented area. The pigment will be removed along with the crust.

Day 4 you can wash your head with water only. If you have more SMP sessions to go, start moisturising your scalp again now


Day 7 you can cleanse your head using a gentle neutral cleanser ie. Cetaphil, QV wash, Dettol, Dove. 

No swimming in chlorine or in the ocean for 7-10 days or until the procedure are has healed.

NO sauna or spa for 7-10 days or until the procedure area has healed.

For 30 days you MUST avoid heavy sweating, exfoliating, any scalp abrasion and prolonged exposure to strong UV rays (sunlight). 

When the area has healed, apply sun block to prevent fading of the pigment colour.

After 30 days you can resume all your usual activities.

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