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Scalp Micropigmentation known as Scalp Tattoo as Hair Loss Treatment at our salon on the Gold Coast. 

When men start to lose their hair, it can affect not only their image and self esteem, but how they feel in their day to day life. Their confidence and self-esteem can be lost and they may not feel as attractive as they once did. There are many types of hair loss treatments now available on the marker but, not all of them work, leaving men suffering hair loss with few options. Scalp micro pigmentation Treatments are now becoming the best option for many men and women, because of the numerous benefits this procedure can offer to those suffering from hair loss, balding and also scarring on the scalp.

There are so many products on the market that claim they will re-grow hair, but most of them have no effect at all. They are purchased and used in the hopes of a cure for their baldness. Micropigmentation is different, because it is not for hair growth, nor does it claim to be.

Because scalp micropigmentation is a more permanent solution to hair loss, there is no need to waste hard-earned money on ineffective product thats don't work. It is also only a fraction of the cost when compared to hair transplants. There isn’t even any need for post-procedural medications or care products, which means saved time and money.

Scalp Micropigmentation treatments use natural pigments, which means no side effects and no discolouration. It also doesn’t require any incisions like hair transplant, so there is little risk of infection. There is also no need to fear the needle that is used to add the pigmentation to the skin, because needle only penetrates into the first layers of skin, with most clients measure the hair loss treatment of SMP or also known as Scalp Tattooing at our clinic on the Gold Coast as a comfort level of 3-5 out of 10.

Scalp Micropigmentation procedures, which is basically hair tattooing, is finished in only a couple of sessions. This means in only a session of few hours must be spent, to achieve a perfect shaved-head look. And even after the first session, the results are quite realistic.

Because of the non-invasive procedure of micropigmentation, healing time for Scalp pigmentation or Hair line Tattooing is limited to only a few days. The head can become a little red due to the needle trauma to the skin, but this will subside very quickly within a day or two or sometimes within hours of the treatment. There are no dressings to change, or stitches to be concerned with. Scalp Micorpigmentation Procedures require a post treatment plan which will be explained at the time of your procedure.

Another benefit of having Scalp Tattoo or Scalp Pigmentation for hair loss or hair thinning solution is that, because there is no real hair, there is no need for expensive hair products, nor is there extra time wasted on styling. Most people who have this treatment usually have been keeping their hair short anyway so their usual grooming routine won’t change. The hair follicle simulation is a two-dimensional image and if you let your own hair get longer than say 1mm it will then become a three-dimensional image and the illusion will be lost. So, in order to carry this look off you will need to keep your existing hair very short.

There can be the perception that balding men are automatically old. This does nothing to boost a man’s confidence if he is younger, because looking old can actually make a person feel old. Because the scalp micropigmentation gives men back their hair, and also creates that shaved-head look that is worn by even the biggest movie stars, men can reacquaint themselves with their younger self.

The main reason men have Scalp micropigemtation procedure is to give men back their hair, even if it is not actual hair. This is why the pigments are matched to both existing hair colour, as well as skin tone, to achieve a realistic look. The direction of the natural hair growth is have is considered, to ensure the results are as natural as possible.

Because a scalp micro pigmentation or scalp tattooing at our salon on the Gold Coast will last for years, there will never be a shortage of confidence to match the shortage of hair. The pigmentation can fade and soften over time but not change colour and this can depend on two things, your exposure to UV light or sun exposure and the strength of your immune system.

Another benefit is for those with scars from past injuries, or even from hair transplant procedures that hadn't worked, the scalp micro pigmentation or Hair Tattoo simulation creates a bit of camouflage for these imperfections. It can also help to mask a receding hairline, making hair appear fuller and more dense.

Of the solutions available today, few are as immediate, permanent, realistic, hassle-free, non-invasive and cost-effective as the SMP technique.

Be sure to book a complementary consultation and chat with our advanced Scalp Micropigmentation Specialist at our warm and welcoming environment at our salon on the Gold Coast. We are located just of the M1 at Oxenford Movie World Exit with plenty of customer parking right out the from of our shop, so no need to go into any busy shopping areas.

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