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Juliette Armand the Latest in Cosmeceutical and Cosmedical Skin Care.

We would like to introduce our newest and latest in Cosmeceutical and Cosmedical Skin Care from Juliette Armand. A professional and personal investment in yourself and your skin,we are proud to now pair our specialised and intensive skin care treatments with the latest skin technology developed and produce in the European Market.

Juliette Armands success has led to the establishment of privately owned, comprehensive premises located in Athens, Greece. Their modern facilities, sophisticated technological equipment, well trained personnel and ongoing investments in research and development, focusses on highly effective formulas, aimed at satisfying the needs of the most demanding beauty professionals.

The difference between traditional cosmetics and cosmeceutical and cosmical grade skin care is that cosmetics only work on the surface or epidermal layers of the skin. Cosmeceutical and Cosmedical Grade Skin Care allows the pairing of a cosmetic skin care product with pharmaceutical developed technologies, which contain active ingredients to the products actually penetrate the layers of the skin on a deeper level. This allow the skin to reconstruct itself from the inside out and increase cell regeneration and renewal. Enhancing the appearance of the overall skin texture and structure and even reversing the signs of ageing on a basal level.

Cosmetology has changed spectacularly over the years. Contemporary demands are particularly high. Today, Cosmetics must be comparable to the effectiveness of plastic surgery. The company continues to work with passion, continuously searching for the next formula, the next combination, the next innovation.

With pairing this innovative Skin Care with our Advanced Skin Treatments and Skin Needling Procedures we aim to take our treatments to the next level and pass on the benefits to our customers. Juliette Armand is now available to also purchase in store if you are in need of a skin care shake up! Please feel free to book a complementary skin care consultation with our Skin Specialist to find out how these amazing products can be incorporated into your daily skin care regime to help reverse signs of skin damage and ageing.

Let Elegance Beauty Bring Out the Better You...

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