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Brows on Fleek for $10 A Week!!!

See what all the fuss is about and try for yourself. You can now have the amazing brow treatment that everyone is talking about, saving you time and money with our amazing Feathertouch Brow Treatment. To add even more excitement, we are now proud partners with zipPay, so you can now pay for all treatments including deposits, for $40 per month interest free!! Yes thats right for as little as $10 a week you can have the brows you always dreamed of for as little as 2 cups of coffee a week!!

How zipPay works:

1/ Checkout with zipPay

Create your account and confirm your purchase

2/ Your order is processed immediately

zipPay pays on your behalf!

3/Pay over time

You pay zipPay back over time in easy weekly or monthly payments

zipPay is a simple and secure payment option, that let's you shop today and pay later for your purchases.

Key features and benefits:

Interest Free Always

Full payment flexbility

Sign up in seconds

Get access to a new shopping account

Nothing to pay today

Shop better, faster, smarter.

If you wish to pay with ZipPay there is a once off 4.4% fee on all services which can be included in the total cost if you wish to pay via payment plan. You can apply through our Pay Later page on our website to setup your ZipPay account.

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