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The Latest in Paramedical Skin Care from Juliette Armand


Many major skincare brands today boast high concentrations of ingredients such as Retinol and Vitamin C that claim to penetrate to deeper levels of the skin, which really isn’t enough, a complex delivery system is needed!

Getting active ingredients into the skin, let alone where they need to be delivered to be of anything useful, is a challenge. The outermost layer of the skin, known as the stratum corneum, has layers of keratin and is difficult to penetrate – your skin is a protective layer after all!

There are three main entry sites into the skin

  1. The pores

  2. The hair follicles

  3. The spaces between cells that contain an oil-water fluid matrix

Let’s discuss a serum. Without a complex delivery system, it is difficult to deliver inside skin cells where it is metabolically beneficial. For any cosmetic ingredient to be delivered at its proper location in the skin, it has to be dissolvable in the type of tissue where it will reside. Trying to get around this with a high concentration – for example 8% will be pointless. This will result in the product sitting on the surface of the skin.

Cosmetic drones are a technology which refers to the delivery of active ingredients from a product into your skin and further more, directly into the cells. It is now so advanced that it can actually even target a specific cell and in some cases, a precise area of that cell!

This is where ligand peptides come in. A ligand is a molecule that will produce a signal by binding to specific proteins, signalling the encapsulated ingredient to release exactly where it needs to be, in fact the delivery takes place inside the cell!

This technique means that formulators don’t have to put high concentrations in their skincare, which can potentially irritate the skin.

Cosmetic drones mean less is more! With more effective results for the skin.

Find these drones in our latest Juliette Armand Skin Boosters Hydra Lifting Cream and Hydra Correct cream.

Ask us today how we can improve your skin and prevent ageing with our newest anti surgery skin care!!

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