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Scalp Pigmentation Long Term Aftercare 

There is a lot of mis-information in this area, but the most important thing to remember is that its about balance. You didn’t get a scalp pigmentation treatment so you could spend the rest of your life obsessing over it, did you? On the other hand, there are a few sensible measures that you should take to prolong the life of your treatment as much as possible.

Remember even if you do not adhere to any of these instructions, it is so easy now to get a simple refresher session or even have it all lasered and start again. The worst possible scenario is that your pigments fade faster than expected, and you need a refresh a little sooner than you otherwise would have. Its really not the end of the world.

Here are some long term guidelines to prolong the lifetime of your new Scalp Tattoo Procedure to ensure best results :

Take sensible precautions in the sun. If you would have slapped on the sunscreen before you had SMP, then do so now. If you’re a sun-worshipper who never uses any sort of SPF protection, consider using at least an SPF15 on your head. Its like all tattoos they will fade if you expose them to sun very frequently.

Reconsider your use of sunbeds. They’re bad for your skin and come with risk of skin cancer. Plus they accelerate your rate of the Scalp Micropigmentation fading.

Avoid topical products that contain high concentrations of alcohol. Be aware that most cosmetic creams, lotions and moisturisers contain SOME alcohol, but these are generally fine. I’m talking about high concentrations like what you’d find in minoxidil lotion.


Use an exfoliating cleanser on your head as this removes dead skin cells and keeps your head looking fresh

Moisturise every day, at least once. Keeping your scalp in good condition will benefit your overall appearance, as well as your pigments

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