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Everything you need to know about training with us! 

Leading Internationally Accredited Trainer and Beauty Business Queen, Jessica O’Neill leading women to create their ownfinancial freedom doing what they love, in the BOOMING Beauty Industry! 


With over 15 years Industry Experience, Jessica has combined her extensive passion and knowledge of the Aesthetic Industry to develop the gold-standard in aesthetics training and building thriving profitable beauty businesses. 

Jessica has helped hundreds of aspiring Beauty Bosses and Beauty Business Owners build and scale their dream beauty businesses. Whilst cutting learning time in half and saving HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of dollars and years of WAITING for their beauty empire to take off, Jessica combines strategy and skill to be able to build booming profitable beauty businesses at the speed of light! 


By increasing profit margins and finding the missing cash in her client’s businesses, Jessica ensures not only profitable, but sustainable businesses that deliver 5 star service and lead the industry. 

Please watch all the videos below to find out why you should train with us!

We have included everything you need to know including the enrolment process, to booking an interview, funding and much more!!

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